May 10 2013

Stunning Willamette Historical Stream Channels Poster

When I started as an intern while still in college 13 years ago, my first task was digitizing a hundred print outs of historical meander bank lines that were drawn by J.C. Brice. I sat at the old school digitizing table for 12 hours a week and loved it actually. My effort as an intern was just a small part of the NCHRP 24-16 Meander Migration research project. The project pulled together a quite a bit of stream data from all over the U.S. with the primary goal of developing methods of predicting channel migration. It was a cool and fun project to be involved with especially as an intern! Today I ran into this incredible map poster of the Williamette Historical Stream Channels. It’s more than a map, it’s an amazing piece of art derived from LiDAR. The darker areas as you move away from the existing main channel (white) are actually older meander scars. By the brightness, you can even see how old the meander scars are (the brighter the scar, the newer the scar). You can see how the Williamette River and even some of its tributaries have moved laterally over time. It’s simply incredible.

Lidar Landscapes poster - Willamette River Historical Stream Channels

You can purchase the poster (17 x 38) from the Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries.

HT: Don Meltz

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