May 31 2013

Galesburg, Illinois Flash Flood (Video)

Before the thunderstorm started Tuesday afternoon — which resulted in a flash flood designation for the area — Galesburg was two inches from the 20.36-inch record set in 2009, coming in at 18.3 inches, said state climatologist Jim Angel.

But a torrential downpour beginning around 6 p.m. Tuesday resulted in almost 3 inches of rain in a 90-minute period, although that number is not official, said a National Weather Service official.

A trained weather spotter reported 2.95 inches falling as of 6:37 p.m. Tuesday, and more rain is on the way, said NWS meteorologist Eric Laufenberg. Anecdotal reports had rainfall at anywhere from 5 to 6 inches in parts of the city and Knox County. (Galesburg.com)

Map picture

Galesburg, Illinois was hit by a dangerous flash flood on Tuesday (May 28) evening with estimates of rain being 3 inches over less than 2 hours. This was on top of the month of May already being close to the record.

Tuesday’s rain, paired with the week-long series of storms the area has experienced, will likely mark 2013 as the rainiest spring in more than a century. (Galesburg.com)

The following footage is the most striking, the actual source video of the floodwaters entering the campus of Carl Sandburg College shown above only in portion. It’s amazing when the water sweeps through. I’m thankful for this town that no injuries have been reported!

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