Jul 12 2013

Post Fire Flooding Wrecking Manitou Springs

Post wild fire flooding is becoming a new normal for several areas in Colorado as spring and summer storms continue to rearrange the landscape in areas burned in last summers wildfires.  Manitou Springs was hit by mudslides and flooding earlier this month.  Below are some of the videos of the flooding.

Go here to see it from the drivers perspective, and here for additional info on the situation.

While the roadway flooding has received a lot of attention from the mainline media, the town has taken a beating as well.  I can’t embed these videos, but they are some of the better ones of the flooding in town and a look at the area post flood.  Each video has a good description explaining where is was taken.

imageManitou Springs Flooding 7-1-2013

imageManitou Springs 7-1-2013 at Canon Avenue

imageManitou Springs Day After Flood

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