Jul 26 2013

Amazing Southern Utah Flash Flood and Debris Flow Footage

This week we have some incredible footage of a flash flood and the ensuing debris flow in Southern Utah from photographer David Rankin. Footage of the head of a flash flood like this is pretty rare and just so cool to actually see. Toward the end of the clip, you’re practically looking at more of a supersaturated slurry/mud flow. More wild features to see are the waves that start to form at about the 2:30 mark along with the boulder getting pushed downstream right after that. Carrying a boulder downstream demonstrates the power of these types of flows. Merely looking at the flow rate or the velocities would not tell you the whole story, it’s a bit unbelievable what this flow is transporting! Watch the video below and enjoy.

If you check out David’s YouTube channel or website, you’ll see he actually has a number flash flood videos but I think my favorite is the one above. It cracks me up (and scares me a little!) when he admonishes his wife to get out of the channel! This debris flow would not be one (nor any really) you would want to be standing in, and he’s not joking in his videos when he talks about how dangerous it is.

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