Sep 23 2013

Putting a River in it’s Place

It has been a crazy week.

Numerous search and rescue efforts have been taking place throughout the foothills and plains of Northern Colorado, and the number of unaccounted for continues to drop.  The 2013 Colorado Flood event has spawned the largest search and rescue effort since Hurricane Katrina.

Our office has been busy marking and surveying high water marks along the Poudre River through Fort Collins, and the Big Thompson River through Loveland.  We flew aerial imagery over a large portion of the South Platte, Poudre, and Big Thompson Rivers on Saturday the 14th.  We have been assisting several entities plan for and start on the rebuilding effort.

The number one priority until just recently was helping the City of Loveland move the Big Thompson River back to its original channel.  Several of the rivers along the front range were significantly altered from their pre-flood alignments.  The Big Thompson River destroyed and damaged some of the water supply lines to the City and was threatening the last pipe supplying water.

After several long days and a team of City employees, engineers, geomorphologists, and several highly skilled contractors, the river is running back in it’s channel and the pipes are being repaired, covered, and protected.

Here is a 9news clip of the work.


We setup a time lapse camera to capture how it all happened.

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