Sep 27 2013

“Washed Out Completely”

From the Coloradoan;

Dan Dugal and his friend Amanda Finch traveled about 5 miles up the Big Thompson Canyon Wednesday (9-25-2013) in hopes of reaching Finch’s cabin near Drake.

“The river had scoured out the entire road down to the bedrock,” he said. “There was no way around it without climbing gear.”

The extent of damage in the canyon was astonishing, said Dugal, who advised residents to stay out of the area.

Here are their videos and a slideshow.

Here is a slideshow of their trip:

If anyone is interested in seeing aerial imagery or a video of the Big Thompson Canyon here are two great resources.

Civil Air Patrol photos – http://goo.gl/c1i7Rr

Indian Village was located near the bottom left of this image.

Larimer County Colorado Flooding Survey

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