Mar 21 2014

Video Friday: Time Lapse Demolition of Diversion Structure on the Cache La Poudre River

The City of Fort Collins (home city of this blog!) and the Colorado Water Trust are working together towards 25 projects on the Poudre River benefitting stream flow, water quality, parks, recreation, natural areas, wildlife, riparian and aquatic health, flood control, roadway and pedestrian safety. The demolition of the Josh Ames Diversion was one of the first projects in this effort. This diversion had not been used for over 30 years and acted as a barrier to fish passage.

Map picture
As of November 7 of 2013, the diversion has been removed! The video below shows some pictures of the deconstruction of the structure and reconstruction of the channel as well as a great time lapse video of the demolition from start to finish.

HT: Coyote Gulch

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