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Hydraulic Modeling

  • The Big Assumption (the assumptions you make when building a 1D hydraulic model)
  • 1-D, 2-D, 3-D, 4 (The differences between 1D and 2D hydraulic modeling)
  • Which Way Does the Water Go? (a 4 part case study in what to be aware of when using 1D models and why 2D models are better for looking at complex hydraulics)


  • 100 Year Flood (a discussion of design standards for flood protection)
  • Minot Flooding Aerials (The before and after aerial photography of the devastating flooding that occurred in Minot, North Dakota in June, 2011)
  • Hurricane Irene Flooding Footage (Video and pictures of some of the flooding in the northeast U.S. that resulted from Hurricane Irene’s landfall

Hydrographic Survey


Software & Tools


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