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Sep 07 2012

What is a Hurricane Storm Surge and How is it Predicted? (Video)

In the wake of Hurricane Isaac, in which the damage was again done primarily by the storm surge and rain, I thought this video from NOAA rather appropriate. It’s a short instructional video explaining what exactly the “storm surge” is and what they are doing to forecast and predict it using a computer model called …

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Nov 10 2011

Bangkok Flooding: Aerial Photos and the Trash Problem


The Denver Post has some amazing aerial photography from a few days ago that is worth checking out. I’ve pulled in a few of the most striking ones here.  The one above is amazing in how it helps illustrate that Bangkok is not 3rd world but a well-developed country with a solid infrastructure with a …

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Aug 05 2011

Missouri River 2011 Flood Footage in Nebraska and Iowa

We’ve talked extensively about much of the flooding this season. As it winds down, here are two clips from the air of some of the extensive flooding on the Missouri River in Nebraska (June 24) and Iowa (June 30).     Some of the worst flooding we’ve seen in the U.S. in awhile has occurred …

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Jun 27 2011

Souris River Flooding in Minot at the Peak

The Souris River flooding in Minot, North Dakota appears to have peaked late Saturday/early Sunday at 26,900 cubic feet per second (cfs). It now looks like a very slow descent back below flood state. The flow currently (as of 6:45pm EST Monday) is at 23,500 cfs. Below are two clips; the first is a view …

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