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Aug 30 2011

The Next New Orleans? (Part 5)


In the past 6 years since Hurricane Katrina caused levee breaches and flooded New Orleans, a lot of steps have been taken in the Central Valley to alleviate risk. Over 70 critical sites along the levees have been repaired in the Sacramento Valley alone. Multiple agencies are working together better than before between the USACE, …

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Aug 29 2011

The Next New Orleans? (Part 4)


  On this day in 2005, after seeming to have survived Hurricane Katrina’s landfall in good shape, levees were breached from the storm surge and New Orleans was flooded like nothing we’d ever seen in this country before. It was an unbelievable tragedy that New Orleans has only somewhat recovered from to this very day. …

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Aug 26 2011

The Next New Orleans? (Part 3)


Afterwards, if one were to take statistical probability as a guide, there was every reason to believe we would not see another flood of that magnitude [the 1986 flood] for many years… – David Kennedy, former Director of California Department of Water Resources, from his forward to Battling the Inland Sea Does Sacramento have the …

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Aug 25 2011

The Next New Orleans? (Part 2)


Is Sacramento and the Central Valley of California the next potential New Orleans? The “Inland Sea” definitely had its flooding problems early on in its development. The flooding and failed disjointed levees of the 1850s and 1860s left the Central Valley of California at an impasse in their flood control problems. The issue was straightforward: …

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