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Jul 30 2012

A Few Good Reads (7/30/12): China Flooding and Three Gorges Dam

This week: Flooding at Three Gorges and more on the deluge further north at Beijing and Tianjin, wrestling with the disaster conspiracy complex related to the Russian floods, and the single step design-build method that the Corps is pursuing. Three Gorges Dam experiences year’s biggest flood (xinhuanet) Water inflow into the dam area is expected …

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Jul 27 2012

Additional Footage of the Flooding in Beijing

Earlier this week, we talked about the flooding in Beijing that happened over last weekend. I found a few more clips of the floodwaters worth watching. The first clip shows a steel bridge collapsing after being overwhelmed by water.

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Jul 24 2012

The Flooding Tragedy in Beijing


In 1997 and 1998, I had the privilege of spending a few days of my summer as well as a Thanksgiving in Beijing, China. I got to visit the Great Wall, eat some fantastic dim sum and local fare, visit the silk market, Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden Palace, and experience some extreme heat and …

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