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Apr 06 2012

Nova Scotia Bridge Collapses (2010 Footage)

In November of 2010, southwest Nova Scotia experienced storms which brought over 220 mm of rain within a week. This overwhelmed multiple bridges in the area. The first bridge was a 100 year old one lane truss bridge. The first video shows some before footage, including some good shots of some of the very visible …

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Sep 23 2011

Bridge Washout in Thailand

Flooding has been rampant in eastern India, Thailand, China, and the surrounding regions with the yearly monsoons. Over 100 people have died in Thailand due to the flooding, over 50 in China (in the same region as the previous flooding this year). Below is footage of a small bridge getting washed out in Thailand.   …

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Sep 07 2011

The Flooding from Irene in Vermont


From the collapse of multiple historic bridges to state-wide flooding, Vermont was hammered by Hurricane Irene and will take some time to recover. The governor is calling it the worst storm to hit Vermont in a century. The precipitation that Irene brought with it was unbelievable. Check out the map of the peak below: That …

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Jul 15 2011

What Does Clear Water Scour at a Bridge Pier Look Like?

This is a video of a model of a cylindrical bridge pier under gradually higher and higher flows with what appears to be gravel sized bed sediment.   The modeled situation here is of clear water scour, which is more common with a channel bed of coarser grained sediment. The other type of pier scour …

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