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Aug 02 2013

Fort Collins Flood of 1997

Sixteen years ago Fort Collins saw it’s worst flood in history that totaled 14.5” of rain in a little over a day.  The Quail Hollow neighborhood in the southwest part of town received 10’ in less than 6 hours.  That is the most rainfall ever measured in and urban area in Colorado over that time …

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Nov 27 2012

A Few Good Reads (11/27/12): To Rebuild or Not to Rebuild? Drought and Water Deals in the West.

Cost of Shoring up Coastal Communities But even as these towns clamor for sand, scientists are warning that rising seas will make maintaining artificial beaches prohibitively expensive or simply impossible. Even some advocates of artificial beach nourishment now urge new approaches to the issue, especially in New Jersey.  The practice has long been controversial.

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Sep 21 2012

West Trinidad Flooding


This flooding happened back in August 2011 from a tropical depression, not the date shown on the first video. (as noted in the info on YouTube) I am not sure of the exact location of all of this video, but it’s in this vicinity.    Here is some more, with some good commentary.

Jul 26 2012

Criteria for Selecting Hydraulic Models, Part 1


Continuing with our coverage of the new HDS 7 manual from FHWA. Multiple Openings Multiple openings along an embankment are often used on rivers with wide floodplains. Rather than using a single bridge, additional floodplain bridges are included. Although one-dimensional models can be configured to analyze multiple openings, the judgment and assumptions that are made …

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