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Dec 03 2012

A Few Good Reads (12/2/12): What if a superstorm strikes..?, Napa Flood Protection Completed, and Northern CA avoids serious flooding.

What if a superstorm strikes Sacramento? Billions of dollars in levee and dam improvements are under way in the area, supported by local, state and federal tax dollars. But emergency officials are quick to acknowledge that a levee break can still occur.  

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Jun 25 2012

A Few Good Reads (6/21/12): Four Million Homes at Risk from Storm Surge, New Orleans Flood Defenses, Duluth Flood Photos and Videos


2012 CoreLogic Storm Surge Report Reveals More Than Four Million U.S. Homes at Risk (Geospatial Solutions) According to the announcement, this year’s report indicates that just over four million homes in the U.S. along the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts are at risk of hurricane-driven storm-surge damage, with more than $700 billion in total property exposure.

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May 18 2012

Living With Floods

From the Iowa Flood Center   The concept for the Iowa Flood Center is rooted in the monumental efforts that took place on the University of Iowa (UI) campus in June 2008 before, during, and after the Iowa and Cedar Rivers crested in Eastern Iowa. In between filling sandbags and moving out of flood-endangered buildings, …

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Feb 24 2012

System Wide Flood Protection, Across the Pond

The CVFPP is currently in the process of being finalized to address system wide deficiencies throughout the complex flood control system in the Central Valley of California.  Across the Atlantic, there is another program called Room for the Rivers that is attempting to do something similar in the Netherlands.  Below is a video highlighting the …

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