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Nov 21 2011

A Few Good Reads (11/21/11): Bangkok Recovery Begins

This week: The recovery begins in Bangkok, a possible new Bangkok super floodway, a TED talk on motivation, deficient bridges shown in Google, and dealing with being laid off. Bangkok Begins Post-Flood Clean Up (WSJ) It will likely be quite some time before life gets back to normal for the hundreds of thousands of people …

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Nov 18 2011

PBS Video: Overcoming the Deluge–California’s Plan for Managing Floods

This video was actually a show that aired on PBS on November 9th, 2011. It’s a great episode that covers how Hurricane Katrina put a spotlight on Sacramento and the risk posed in the area with a century-old levee system. It has some good interviews and gives some historical background on the levee system. It’s …

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Oct 31 2011

Bangkok Flooding: High Tides Weathered, But the Battle is Not Over

Central Bangkok appears to have been spared from the added deluge of the seasonal high tides this past weekend but the flooding is not over yet and no one can still really say whether the worst flows have past. However, officials appear to be now looking at the recovery and the major issues now are …

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Oct 07 2011

Managing the Mississippi Video

The video for this week is a bit longer but it discusses some of the history and procedures of the river engineering of the Mississippi and the Corps of Engineers’ work to keep the channel where it currently is. It’s interesting in how they lay out the revetment and the number of people it takes …

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