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Mar 12 2012

A Few Good Reads (3/12/12): Japan One Year Later

This week: The one year anniversary of the tsunami disaster in Japan, geospatial data, information or knowledge, and struggle for restoration on the San Joaquin River. Japan Post Disaster (Architectural Record) One problem is where to rebuild. Because of the tsunami, and a threat of future tidal waves, the in situ reconstruction typical after an …

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Jul 21 2011

It Slices, It Dices, It…


I have often heard it called the Swiss Army Knife of GIS. I am more of a multi tool fan myself, but whatever analogy you prefer, Global Mapper (GM) packs some useful tools. I stumbled onto GM about a decade ago.  I had to download digital line graph (dlv) data from the USGS to help create …

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May 11 2011

Geospatial Revolution

The Geospatial Revolution Project at Penn State University just completed an excellent 4 episode series on the world of digital mapping and how it is changing the way we think. It is well done, includes interviews some of the top people in the geospatial industry, and does a great job demonstrating the growing influence and …

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Apr 28 2011

Know Your Data


More often, success in business and government is tied directly or indirectly to an ability to use, interpret and integrate geographic information and geospatial processes. Jim Farley, GeoWorld Magazine Since data is the foundation for any study or design, knowing a little something about the data you use should be a priority.  We don’t all …

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