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Oct 27 2011

Bangkok Flooding: ALL Sections Should Prepare for Flooding

In just 24 hours Bangkok’s mood has changed from anxiety to panic. After claiming to be on a holy mission to save Bangkok in a previous comment a couple of weeks ago, Bangkok Governor MR Sukhumband finally admitted that flooding will now reach more areas, including the city center. (eTN) Tears welling in her eyes, …

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Oct 25 2011

Bangkok Flooding: Holiday Declared, Older Airport is Shut Down, Dike Breaks

The center’s director said parts of a dike at Tambon Lak Hok, Muang District, Pathum Thani province have broken and a mass of water is expected to flow into the village. (CNN) (See Map) Expect to hear of more dike breaks as immense pressure is put on their existing and emergency system. The government has …

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Oct 24 2011

A Few Good Reads: Bangkok Flood Update Edition(10/24/11)

Thailand is an amazing country with phenomenal coastal areas to the west and south and beautiful forest and jungle to the north. I had the chance to spend almost a month there in the late 90s and I loved it. I’ll take indigenous Thai food over probably anything else I’ve ever eaten. Throw in fresh …

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