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Apr 01 2013

A Few Good Reads (4/1/13): Fargo Prepares for Yet Another Potentially Major Flood Season

This week: Fargo prepares for another potentially heavy flooding season, questioning ASCE’s infrastructure grading, WRDA bill clears senate committee and how the bill shields the Corps, the importance of steamgages, and extending your HEC-RAS cross sections to high ground. ND officials: Permanent flood protection needed (AP) The latest weather service flood outlook for Fargo and …

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Aug 09 2011

Which Way Does the Water Go?


When setting up a 1-D hydraulic model, you are basically trying to figure out which way the water is flowing and layout your cross sections accordingly, as I discussed earlier.  This is not that difficult when the flow for the reach of river you are modeling is primarily 1-D in nature.  The difficulty comes when …

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Jun 21 2011

The Big Assumption


When I graduated from Colorado State University and entered the working world I had very limited exposure to hydraulic modeling.  I had taken fluid mechanics and hydraulic structures where I was first introduced to a hydraulic model.  I also had some exposure to HEC-RAS, but didn’t even know that 2-D modeling existed nor how it …

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May 10 2011

Magellan’s Nightmare


geodesy: a branch of applied mathematics concerned with the determination of the size and shape of the earth and the exact positions of points on its surface and with the description of variations of its gravity field. – Merriam Webster’s Dictionary Only 18 men out of 237 survived Magellan’s circumnavigation of the globe. Magellan was …

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