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Oct 04 2011

Hydro Survey: GPS? Who Needs That?


Guest Post by Joe Robinson, Hydro Survey Crew Chief If you have spent some time in the field of modern day surveying, you probably know one of the key limitations with using GPS – Obstructions overhead that might considerably reduce otherwise available satellite reception. GPS currently works by means of line of sight connections between …

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Sep 27 2011

Hydro Survey: The Airboat


Out of any boats used for hydrographic survey and reconnaissance, from jet boat to cataraft, this is the one that gets the most reactions when it’s sitting in the parking lot: the airboat. If a cataraft allows you to say, “Who needs a boat launch?” then the airboat enables you to ask, “Who needs water?” …

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Aug 04 2011

Hydro Survey: Multi-beam vs. Single Beam (Part 2)


Given what I mentioned in Part 1: the density of data, the minimal post-processing (and time savings), and the beautiful mapping results, why would I ever use a single beam depth sounder for a hydrographic survey? There are 3 areas where I think single beam depth sounders still win: cost, data deluge, and surveying in …

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Aug 02 2011

Hydro Survey: Multi-beam vs. Single Beam (Part 1)


Dusty (my co-author on this blog) and I are fascinated with new technologies and finding faster and more efficient ways to do things. We love thinking about and discussing new directions and how they affect our A/E industry: How does social media affect civil engineering? When will we shift to the cloud? Can we have …

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