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Feb 15 2013

3D Printing for River Engineering? (Video)


It must have been over four or five years ago when I first heard about 3D printing at a GIS conference I was at. It seemed pretty amazing in the demonstration but I was skeptical about the complexity it could actually handle and figured it had to be wildly expensive at the time. Since then, …

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Jan 11 2013

Isabella Dam Modification (Video)


We’re back! Happy New Year! Between the holidays, still being swamped with work, and some family health issues, we’ve had a long end of the year break in our posting . Last year was a crazy year for us and our hope is get to back to posting like we did in 2011! Our first …

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Oct 10 2012

What is a Slurry Wall? (Video)

With reference to levees, a slurry wall is a commonly used term, but seldom defined or illustrated. So when I saw this video posted last week by the Sacramento District of the Corps of Engineers, I wanted to pass it on. Slurry (or seepage cutoff) walls create a vertical barrier to seepage through or under …

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Dec 23 2011

Video: How Levees Fail and Fixing Them

This week we have another video from the Sacramento District of the Army Corps of Engineers. In this video, they briefly discuss how levees fail and then how they have approached fixing levees in the Central Valley.   One thing not mentioned in the video is the use of setback levees. A setback levee is …

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