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Aug 04 2011

Hydro Survey: Multi-beam vs. Single Beam (Part 2)


Given what I mentioned in Part 1: the density of data, the minimal post-processing (and time savings), and the beautiful mapping results, why would I ever use a single beam depth sounder for a hydrographic survey? There are 3 areas where I think single beam depth sounders still win: cost, data deluge, and surveying in …

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Aug 02 2011

Hydro Survey: Multi-beam vs. Single Beam (Part 1)


Dusty (my co-author on this blog) and I are fascinated with new technologies and finding faster and more efficient ways to do things. We love thinking about and discussing new directions and how they affect our A/E industry: How does social media affect civil engineering? When will we shift to the cloud? Can we have …

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