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Aug 23 2013

What’s In The Water

When an urban area floods there can be a tremendous amount of pollutants that get flushed into streams and rivers.  Storm water pollution is being addressed a lot more now than in the past, but can still be a serious issue.  This video provides a very graphic view of the impacts of poor water quality …

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May 31 2013

Galesburg, Illinois Flash Flood (Video)


Before the thunderstorm started Tuesday afternoon — which resulted in a flash flood designation for the area — Galesburg was two inches from the 20.36-inch record set in 2009, coming in at 18.3 inches, said state climatologist Jim Angel. But a torrential downpour beginning around 6 p.m. Tuesday resulted in almost 3 inches of rain …

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Jun 21 2012

Duluth Inundated by Record Flooding (Footage)


"This flooding has been crazy. We have not experienced anything like this in our community," iReporter Kayla Keigley, who said she works as a health care preparedness coordinator, told CNN. "Roads are destroyed. Neighborhoods are underwater. I am in shock and I work in the field of preparedness – this is something I work to …

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