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Nov 30 2011

My Foray Into Social Media


Roughly 3 years ago, a good friend of mine started telling me about a newer social media outlet. He said I should jump on there and it would be a way to connect in quick bursts over our busy lives. It sounded interesting but I was not sold. Finally, since I have a lot of …

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Jun 08 2011

Dealing with the Online Overload


I have to confess something: I don’t surf the internet anymore. I haven’t for a long time now. Honestly, there is so much information and good stuff as well as so many worthless and evil things, where would I start? How would I surf nowadays? Would I just limit myself to a few sites? Should …

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May 20 2011

Railroad Culvert Washout Footage

I was astounded by this amazing live footage of the washout of a culvert at a railroad crossing in Ontario, Canada. Special thanks to Matt Anderson who linked to this video via his Twitter account. Profanity warning!   Most of the time you only see the before and after of a failure of this magnitude! …

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